Hardware setting recommendations for FLP prototypes?

I am setting up an ASUS ESC4000-G4 server for O2/FLP development.

At the 11th ITS/MFT/O2 Asian Workshop, @costaf showed that some hardware settings affect the performance of O2 significantly. Since there are tons of BIOS configurations that seem related to system performance, it is difficult to me to decide what settings should be enabled, disabled, or left alone.
Are there any hardware setting guidelines for performance and stability?

I am aware of few settings:

  • Enabling IOMMU
  • Disabling Deep C-states (C3 and later are to be forbidden, is it correct?)
  • Enabling PCI Express port bifurcation for CRU

I would highly appreciate if you would point out missing points.

@costaf @sy-c I guess this is for you

@maogino : Filippo is absent until next week.

Hello Masanori,

default BIOS settings are usually fine,
just check that IOMMU and PCI bifurcation are indeed enabled, as you pointed out.

However, you should not disable the Deep C-states in the BIOS. This is taken care of by the readout process when needed at runtime. Disabling it at the system level will just cause your machine to consume more electricity and heat up unecessarily.



Thank you so much, @bvonhall and @sy-c.

I had misunderstood Deep C-states setting but now I got it.
I will check my setup in these three points.

OK, I will check them.

I have completely misunderstood this point. Thank you for your explanation.

There’s no rush, it is fine to me.
Thank you for notifying me and correcting the category.