Histograms on QCG webpage cannot be displayed

Dear all,

since updating alidist, O2 and QualityControl yesterday, we experience an issue with the QCG test webpage:

Running an O2 simulation and, then, running a QC task on the simulation output seems to work fine, there are also new objects visible in the CCDB browser, see e.g. this one.

But going to the same histogram on the QCG page, I only get the error message:

Object "qc/TPC/Tracks/hEta" could not be displayed. Request to server failed (500 Internal Server Error): undefined

Unfortunately, as we discussed in another ticket, an Internal Server Error 500 is rather generic and not telling much about the underlying issue.

Some info:

  • I am running on Ubuntu 18.04
  • alidist, O2 and QualityControl are up-to-date as of yesterday, late evening
  • @tklemenz observes the same issue with all software updated just a few hours ago

Any idea about the reason or a possible fix?


Dear Stefan,

We are on it. We have to update the QCG. Sorry about that. We are also planning how to have concurrent QCG versions (like a release candidate).


Adam (@awegrzyn ) is working on it, it should be ready later today.

Thank you for your patience,

Hi Barth,

thanks a lot for your quick reply! Good to see, that you and Adam are working on this issue and that it seems to be solvable rather quickly, but it also is not super urgent.


It’s done!

Hi Adam,
Thank you very much. As far as I can see, it works very well.

Dear Adam, dear Barth,

I confirm, that it works nicely!

I also very much like the new features with the info popup, where you can immediatly get the timestamp of the displayed version, and the option to open a single plot full screen! :smiley:


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