How to check if MO was changed since last cycle

Dear all,

I fit several histograms in my Task at the endOfCycle().
Is there a way to quickly check if Monitoring Object was changed since last cycle so I can decide if it needs to be fitted again or not.

Thank you!

Dear Sergey,
I am not sure to understand 100%. Your module is the only piece of software touching your MOs, thus it should know whether it was touched or not.
Or perhaps you are asking how to implement such a mechanism ? like a cache ? You could have a map MO* → bool that you turn all to false at start of cycle and turn on whenever you touch a MO.


Dear Barth,

thank you for your answer! Actually I was thinking about existing solution like checking timestamps of last MO change or something similar. But you right, I can simply implement “change map” or similar self-check.