How to consume data from readout?

Dear @sy-c, all,

I want to run o2-cpv-recoworkflow on rawdata coming directly from readout.
When I start reconstruction, I just attach reco workflow to file reader workflow like that:
o2-raw-file-reader-workflow --blablabla | o2-cpv-reco-workflow --lalala
File reader then provides CPV/RAWDATA/0 stream which is picked up by reco workflow via pipe.
What if I want to read raw data collected by o2-readout-exe? It seems that it does not provide any streams but writing data to some shared memory.
How can I pick up the raw data stream from that shared memory? I’ve seen that QC is suggesting to run some proxy process which picks up data from readout like that:

o2-readout-exe --nanana
o2-qc-run-readout | o2-qc --config ...

I bet that something similar is to be done to attach reco workflow to readout. But what?
Suspect is o2-dpl-readout-proxy but I’m not sure how to configure processes. Any help is very appreciated. A link to documentation or example would be perfect.

Thank you!

Hi @sevdokim

There should be DataDistribution STFbuilder → input-proxy (or TFBuilder on EPN) between the readout.exe and your workflow. You can check how the workflow in the O2/prodtests/full-system-test/ connects either to o2-raw-file-reader-workflow or to the STFBuilder, more info is available on, starting from point.5 of the description.