Is flpproto no longer supported/needed?

Last year I built not only O2 but also FLP prototype software (flpproto) to configure C-RORC with roc-* command line tools. Now, however, the FlpPrototype repository declared that it is obsolete.

Then, I have some questions about the current situation.

  1. aliBuild build flpproto --defaults o2 is not recommended now?
  2. I found that some components are not in the dependencies of O2 but of flpproto.
    Are they also obsolete, or just not included in O2 since they are required only for FLP?
  3. The ROC setup procedures are not included in the official build guide.
    My guess is that the ROC setup is still relevant for FLP and we need to follow if we test CRU but it is excluded from the guide since it is the analysis tutorial. Is it correct?

I am sorry if I overlooked something.

Well, this page seems the answer of 1. and 2. Sorry for my premature question.