isPhysicalPrimary() in O2

Dear Experts,
Is there AliRoot:isPhysicalPrimary() equivalent in O2?
I am aware of this function in analysis framework (AliceO2/MC.h at dev · AliceO2Group/AliceO2 · GitHub), but according to my understanding it works on the level of AO2D, while I would like to use it on the kinematics o2sim_Kine.root.


PS. Sorry if this is not the right forum to ask analysis-related questions – could you point me to better place in such a case?

this is actually something also I have been tackling recently, and would like to know if there is a proper way to use the isPhysicalPrimary() function from MC.h for o2sim_Kine.root.

Oskari Saarimäki