Issue with /etc/flp.d/qc/stfb-qc.dpl.json

Dear experts,

we have seen on our test FLP a problem when running with the STF builder and QC coming from hard coded detector strings “TPC” and channels “TPC/RAWDATA” in the file /etc/flp.d/qc/stfb-qc.dpl.json which is used when configuring the readout-dataflow workflow: Even though we configured detector: EMC and stfb_dataspec: “B:EMC/RAWDATA” we ran into a crash as one of the components - most likely the DPL raw proxy - was expecting TPC/RAWDATA. In case we were configuring as TPC we saw messages in the STF builder logs that the messages were rejected as they send to EMC/RAWDATA, and consequently the QC histograms were empty. Only after replacing manually all instances of TPC with EMC in the json file mentioned above we were seeing data in the QC and the histograms got filled. We see the same problem no matter whether we run with the DaqTask or EMCALRawTask. It seems there is a check for the detector in the STFbuilder which sets the origin.

As workflow configurations are hard coded in this file this can become a source of trouble, as detectors are planning to run with their custom configurations. Is there a possibility to get rid of this config? Otherwise how do you want to make sure the detectors (except TPC) can read their data?

Thanks a lot in advance!