Issues in accessing quality metadata

Dear experts,

I currently have some issues in accessing metadata that is attached to the quality of a QO. For instance, in a dedicated checker some metadata is added via quality->addMetadata("Comment", "TestComment")

If I call within the checker quality->getMetadata("Comment") (e.g. in a beautify function) I indeed get the string “TestComment”. However, if I access the QO with another task, get its quality and call quality->getMetadata("Comment"), then I am not able to retrieve the metadata anymore. However, I can access the quality status (good, medium, bad, null) itself. This can be seen e.g. with this QO object on the test ccdb, which should have the metadata “TestComment” under the key “Comment”, but nothing is stored.

Do you have any inside of what I am doing wrong? I would be thankful for any help in this issue!


Hi Marcel,
apologies for the late reply, both me and Barth were (are) on holidays.

I identified a bug in the framework, a fix is on the way

Hi Piotr,

Thanks a lot for the help, well appreciated!