Issues with DPL/Time Frame

(Zhaozhong Shi) #1

I have an issue with DPL/Time frame. So I plan to push an integer and many digits to the outputspec. The codes are shown as follows:

Pushing the integer named “ResetCommand”

Pushing the digits name “mDigits”

So I am able to send all the digits but only able to get the first digit which is right after the integer “ResetCommand”. When I don’t push the integer but just pushing the digits, I am able to read all the digits. Do you know why this happens and how to get the integer and read all the digits? According to Ruben, I should be able to get “fractional time-stamp” from Giulio. I have not heard from Giulio for a while. Can anyone point me to that? Thank you very much!

(Giulio Eulisse) #2

Dear Zhaozhong Shi, I got your message 2 hours ago, I am pretty sure this does not qualify as “for a while”.

Concerning your problem, you do not need any fractional time, AFAICT, just make sure you change the CompletionPolicy for your data processor to always run the callback even if you get only one of the vectors.

Regarding the fractional timestamp, i need a bit more time to provide an example.

(Zhaozhong Shi) #3

Hi Giulio,

Sorry I just wanted to have thing done in rush. Thank you very much for your reply!

Zhaozhong Shi

(Zhaozhong Shi) #4

Hi Giulio,

Do you know what completionpolicy I should use? I tried CompletionPolicy::CompletionOp::Process and CompletionPolicy::CompletionOp::Consume but both of them only gave me only a vector and the integer. I mean, again, without the integer, I am able to get all the vectors. I suspect it is more a time-frame issue. Thank you very much!

Zhaozhong Shi