Lifetime of queried inputs in QC

Hello @bvonhall @pkonopka @swenzel
I want to monitor output of calibrator together with digits in my qc. The problem is that digits are produced every TF however calibrator output is produced at random points of time. In other words, lifetime of digits is Lifetime::Timeframe, lifetime of calibrator output is Lifetime::Sporadic. it appears that if I query calibrator output together with digits then those considered to be ready only when both calibrator output and digits are present. It means that most of digits are just discarded because calibrator output is produced not every timeframe of cause. Do you know if it possible to provide Lifetime::Sporadic property to CLP inputs?
Data source I use now is:

        "dataSource": {
          "type": "direct",
          "query": "rawerrors:CPV/RAWHWERRORS;peds:CLP/CPV_Pedestals;feethrs:CLP/CPV_FEEThrs;deadchs:CLP/CPV_DeadChnls;highthrs:CLP/CPV_HighThrs;pedeffs:CLP/CPV_PedEffs;digits:CPV/DIGITS/0;dtrigrec:CPV/DIGITTRIGREC/0"

where CLP sources are Lifetime::Sporadic, rest is Lifetime::Timeframe. However CLP are queried by qc as Lifetime::Timeframe.

Ciao @eulisse, is it documented somewhere how to specify a sporadic lifetime in the query mechanism? I can’t find anything in the DPL readme and cookbook, nor in the test of the query builder

I have added it in:

including a test which verifies that lifetime=sporadic works.

Dear Giulio,

thank you very much for the instructions. I tried to query like you proposed:

"query": "rawerrors:CPV/RAWHWERRORS;peds:CLP/CPV_Pedestals/0?lifetime=sporadic;feethrs:CLP/CPV_FEEThrs/0?lifetime=sporadic;deadchs:CLP/CPV_DeadChnls/0?lifetime=sporadic;highthrs:CLP/CPV_HighThrs/0?lifetime=sporadic;pedeffs:CLP/CPV_PedEffs/0?lifetime=sporadic;digits:CPV/DIGITS/0;dtrigrec:CPV/DIGITTRIGREC/0"

however it seems to have no effect:

Any ideas what’s wrong?


Mmm… No… Can you provide me your command?