Limited size of MO

Dear all,

I was testing my code and received a warning:

Warning - object qc/TPC/MO/Calibration/c_ROCs_Pedestals_2D is bigger than the maximum allowed size (2097152B) - skipped

The same code didn’t give such a warning a week ago. The MO files are not stored on CCDB. Is this exact maximum size set and decided for the actual data taking as well?


We have put in place a mechanism to avoid mistakenly large objects to reach the database. This is not yet released if I am not mistaken, it is in master.

To change the limit, please update the config :
The documentation is not yet updated either. It will be ready for the next release.


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Hi Barth,

thanks a lot for your reply. We are usually working on the master, maybe we have to rethink this, but if we want to push something, I think it is good to have the most recent code.

In any case, for the TPC we will need to be able to publish larger objects at several places, so we will set higher limits ourselves. Maybe at some point it should be discussed, what the real max. size should be, that we do not overwhelm the QCDB and at the same time get the needed objects published.



Feel free to update the limit of course.
We were also thinking about giving more granularity if needed. Something like having maximum size per object pattern (e.g. myGraph* --> 5MB). To be seen if it is needed.

In general it is ok to use master. Just remember to look at the recent commits to keep up with the changes.

See you,