Meta-package to load all pieces of o2-flp-suite consistently

Dear all,

thanks to @divia we have installed the latest o2-flp-suite (v0.12.0) on our (TOF) FLPs.
To test, we typically need to have 3 modules environments: readout, DataDistribution, O2.

Now, I can do that by hands with aliswmod and check that the module versions I load are actually compatible with one another. A issue is if they are built with different FairMQ versions, for instance.

Is there a meta-package (something like o2-flp-suite/v.0.12.0) that one can load and be 100% sure that all modules that will be loaded come from a consistent build?

Thanks and best regards,

If you deployed FLP Suite using o2-flp-setup you should be left with only newest version of: Readout, QualityControl and DataDistribution. All of them compiled with the same dependencies.
Therefore you can just run aliswmod enter Readout QualityControl DataDistribution. Then, you can simply verify that only 1 version of each package has been loaded: aliswmod list.


Thanks Adam,

indeed I only see one version available for those packages.
There is the not chance to get the combinations wrong.
I was asking because I see there are multiple versions of FairMQ available on out FLP.
Perhaps they have been installed in a different way?