Missing environment-modules in flpsuite 0.18

Dear @vmcb ,
MID was just upgraded to FLP suite 0.18. I see that one of the main change is that there is no modules anymore: everything is installed under /opt/o2.
Some of my tests relied on the possibility to compile and use a custom O2 on the FLP.
I can still compile it w/o problem with alibuild, but I cannot load it anymore:

alienv enter O2/latest
ERROR: Environment Modules was not found on your system.
       Get it with: yum install environment-modules

Of course I will need to port all of my modifications to the O2 repository, but this will take time. What is the best way to have a custom O2 version in the meanwhile?

Thanks in advance,
best regards,

P.S. I know that there is work ongoing to build against RPM, but for simplicity I still re-build everything with aliBuild. @bvonhall : I’d be interesting to know if the building against RPM is already usable.

Hi Diego,

The building against RPMs has been paused because a lack of time. Moreover, given the new RPMs coming I did not want to invest too much time on a system that was being changed.

However, I have improved recently the doc on how to build on a machine installed with FLP suite. See option 1 of QualityControl/Advanced.md at master · AliceO2Group/QualityControl · GitHub
It does not reuse the stuff from the RPMs though but let ECS pick your locally built software.

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Hi @bvonhall ,
thanks for the info. Indeed I can already tell you that the new instructions won’t work out of the box.
Since the environment-module are not there anymore, this does not work:

Run alienv at least once, or each time you switch branch: alienv enter O2Suite/latest

Anyways, I tried to install the environment-modules with yum and for the moment it works without creating visible problems to the standard packages…


But if you follow the instructions to setup an alibuild development machine it should be there, shouldn’t it ?

Well I guess so, but I did not dare to install the full dependencies on an FLP…
Also, I’d expect that all dependencies were already there since the o2 software is there. I was just surprised that the environment-modules were excluded.

And it may disappear at the next FLP suite update…

The FLP Suite is an executable environment, not a development environment. We do not install by default the development setup. This is why it is needed to install the environment setup. We had started working with Giulio on a meta-RPM that would pull all the dependencies needed for development. It should help but is not yet ready.