Missing TGrid token

Dear Experts,
I am to run simulations with o2-sim and keep getting the error message TGrid::Connect returned nullptr. May be due to missing alien token.
I don’t know why this appears since I have my certificates in place and I can run alien-token-init. Here is the output of alien-token-info:

[O2/latest] ~/Walice/PbPb_sim $> alien-token-info
DN >>> C=ch/O=AliEn2/CN=Users/CN=slokos/OU=slokos
ISSUER >>> C=ch/O=AliEn2/CN=AliEn CA
BEGIN >>> 2023-03-23 09:12:49
EXPIRE >>> 2023-04-23 10:12:49

The last few lines or o2sim_workerlog0 contains this error message and another one about a missmatch which might be related, might be not.

Info in <TGeoManager::Export>: Exporting ccdb_object FAIR geometry as root file. Optimizations streamed.
[12:13:00][INFO] Init CcdApi with UserAgentID: NZ23-36-1679569977-lGJoGC, Host: http://alice-ccdb.cern.ch/
Error in <TUnixSystem::Load>: version mismatch, /home/sandor/alice/sw/ubuntu2204_x86-64/JAliEn-ROOT/0.6.9-local1/lib/libJAliEnROOT.so = 62610, ROOT = 62802
Error in <P010_TJAlien>: Please fix your loader path environment variable to be able to load libJAliEnROOT.so
[12:13:01][FATAL] TGrid::Connect returned nullptr. May be due to missing alien token
terminate called after throwing an instance of 'fair::FatalException'
[12:13:01][INFO] 985 caught signal 6 from source 985
 source 32107

I have a fresh O2 installation.

Any advice is welcomed!

Thank you, Sandor

I generated a new certificate but that didn’t help either. Any idea what could be wrong?

ps.: I just did git pull --rebase today and re-build with ninja install today.

I didn’t mentioned that I use Ubuntu 22.04 LTS under WSL2 from Windows 10. Probably the issue was that the WSL2 doesn’t start in administrator mode and has no privilege through the firewall. After I run WSL2 as administrator and re-install O2 from scratch, it works.