Missing TVirtualMC.h

I am to use external generator to simulate PbPb events with EM effect on, i.e., use the extgen file QEDLoader.C. As far as I understand, I need AEGIS for doing so. I already have a couple of days old O2 and next to it, I did the following

git clone https://github.com/AliceO2Group/AEGIS.git
aliBuild init AEGIS (this might be unnecessary?)
aliBuild build AEGIS --defaults o2 --debug

2023-01-31@16:04:05:DEBUG:AEGIS:AEGIS:0: /home/slokos/alice/sw/SOURCES/AEGIS/master/0/GeneratorCosmics/GeneratorCosmics.cxx:18:10: fatal error: TVirtualMC.h: No such file or directory
2023-01-31@16:04:05:DEBUG:AEGIS:AEGIS:0: 18 | #include <TVirtualMC.h>
2023-01-31@16:04:05:DEBUG:AEGIS:AEGIS:0: | ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~
2023-01-31@16:04:05:DEBUG:AEGIS:AEGIS:0: compilation terminated.
2023-01-31@16:04:05:DEBUG:AEGIS:AEGIS:0: make[2]: *** [GeneratorCosmics/CMakeFiles/GeneratorCosmics.dir/build.make:89: GeneratorCosmics/CMakeFiles/GeneratorCosmics.dir/GeneratorCosmics.cxx.o] Error 1
2023-01-31@16:04:05:DEBUG:AEGIS:AEGIS:0: make[1]: *** [CMakeFiles/Makefile2:316: GeneratorCosmics/CMakeFiles/GeneratorCosmics.dir/all] Error 2

Full log can be found here.

To compile AEGIS as specified in alidist, simply do

aliBuild build AEGIS --defaults o2 --debug

There is no need to checkout the repo or call aliBuild init. You are trying to compile the master of AEGIS, which indeed fails. However, compilation of the tag v1.4-alice1 should work.

(Consider removing the local AEGIS folder before retrying).

Thank you!

I have a further question. I was able to compile AEGIS the way you said.

But when I load O2/latest, it’s not in the loaded packages. How it should be done?

Sorry, I might should open a new topic for this?

Here is the complete server_log of o2-sim which shows that the package is not found.

Thank you!

You can simply add AEGIS to the list of packages to load: alienv enter O2/latest,AEGIS/latest

Also a solution, thanks :slight_smile: