Need help with O2CodeChecker

(Laurent Aphecetche) #1


I find the state of the o2codechecker pretty confusing.

First, the output of the o2codechecker results in the PR check is very tedious to browse : would it be possible to highlight the errors in some way ? Or to add some doc somewhere instructing what to look for ?

Then, trying to run it locally (to avoid using the CI as a trial and error tool for checking) is also not completely trivial.

My attempt so far (on a Mojave Mac) :

  1. aliBuild --defaults o2 build o2codechecker => wait for Clang7 to be compiled and then got lots of errors for all over the place in O2.
  2. trying to narrow to “my” classes :

cd /Users/laurent/alice/sw/BUILD/O2-latest/O2 -clang-tidy-binary $HOME/alice/sw/osx_x86-64/o2codechecker/latest/bin/O2codecheck “-checks=-,alice” “Detectors/MUON/*”

got a lot of errors regarding standard headers :

Error while processing /Users/laurent/alice/O2/Detectors/MUON/MCH/Mapping/test/src/CathodeSegmentation.cxx.
/usr/local/opt/boost/include/boost/config/detail/select_stdlib_config.hpp:18:12: error: ‘cstddef’ file not found [clang-diagnostic-error]

Any idea what stupid mistake(s) I’m doing here ?


(Sandro Wenzel) #2

Hi Laurent,

You can restrict the codechecker to run on changed files only. Please take a look in Utilities/Tools/ inside the O2 repository (we should really link this file in the main README).

I will try to take a look concerning the header problems. This should really not happen.

Indeed the O2 repo is not globally in a green state. The reasons are: Long period where this check was not executed at all and we recently had to move to a newer version of clang-tidy which enabled some more checks.
We need to take a decision whether to keep the additional checks or disable them. Waiting for WP3 to take decision. Most of the failures can be fixed completely automatically.

(Laurent Aphecetche) #3

Hi Sandro,

Coming back to this issue with the standard headers.

A simple reproducer is below. It’s on a Mojave Mac (from a clean install, w/o Xcode GUI installed, SIP enabled).

BTW, do I understand correctly that O2codecheck is clang-tidy with a couple of Alice specifics checks ? (otherwise my check below doesn’t make as much sense)

// test.cxx
#include <iostream>
int main()
  double x = 42.42;
  int i = (int)(x + 0.5);
  std::cout << i << "\n";
  return 0;
~/tmp $ clang-tidy test.cxx --  -I$(xcrun --show-sdk-path)/usr/include
~/tmp $ module list
No Modulefiles Currently Loaded.
~/tmp $ module load alice o2codechecker
~/tmp $ O2codecheck test.cxx --  -I$(xcrun --show-sdk-path)/usr/include
1 error generated.
Error while processing /Users/laurent/tmp/test.cxx.
/Users/laurent/tmp/test.cxx:1:10: error: 'iostream' file not found [clang-diagnostic-error]
#include <iostream>
Found compiler error(s).