Ninja build

Dear all,
Dear @laphecet,

I have a very basic question : how do I build with ninja on mac ?

Once understood I will document it here :

Thank you,

Hi Barth,

I’ll assume the question is :

how to use ninja with alibuild on Mac ?

If that’s indeed the question, then you just need to have ninja available in your PATH. And on Mac the easiest/fastest way to achieve this is brew install ninja.

Once you have ninja in your PATH, if you do not want to use it when alibuilding O2 (or QC I suppose), you’ll need to export DISABLE_NINJA=1 beforehand.

Note that this only works for development packages (at least that’s how it’s setup for

Yes, it is indeed the question, thank you for interpreting my mistake correctly :slight_smile:

Thanks I will try it out right away.