No alienv on lxplus for me

Dear all,
For some reason I don’t have alienv when I connect to lxplus.
Any idea what could be the cause ? Should I load something in particular ?

EDIT: this is what I have

-bash: alienv : commande introuvable
-bash-4.2$ /cvmfs/ enter Qualitycontrol/nightly-20211210-1
ModuleCmd_Load.c(208):ERROR:105: Unable to locate a modulefile for 'Qualitycontrol/nightly-20211210-1'

Hi Barth,

It looks like you have a typo there – QualityControl should be spelt with an uppercase C for alienv to recognise it.

/cvmfs/ enter QualityControl/nightly-20211210-1

seems to work for me – I don’t get an error message.

I guess you could add

export PATH=/cvmfs/$PATH

to your .bashrc if you want alienv to be available without having to type the full path.

Thank you very much, it works now !

We should probably make alienv case insensitive…

or have better users :wink: