No gRPC connection to the Control-Core after reboot

Hello O2 FLP team,

after installation of the O2 FLP suite on the TPC test system everything was running fine. Did a complete fresh install from scatch. Due to physical relocation of the machines, we had to power them down and up again. This seems to have impacted several O2 FLP services, which should come up automatically.

Johannes has more detailed information.


Hi, thank you for your report. It seems indeed likely that the physical relocation might have resulted in a different network configuration, which in turn broke the configuration of one or more O²/FLP services.

An upgrade run of o2-flp-setup deploy could fix this. If not, a clean reinstall definitely should.

Hi Teo,

thanks for the quick reply. Indeed the network configuration might have changed since our switch broke and we had to replace it. We will check if the upgrade run works and, if not, go for a re-installation.



The setup uses static host names / IPs, so the network configuration of the Nodes did not change after the relocate.

Reapplying the configuration seems to have fixed the issue of the ECS GUI and the gRPC error is gone.