O2 build failing at google benchmark in macOS Monterey

I am installing Alice softwares in macOS Monterey. I got AliPhysics to install without any issues. But, now installing o2 is failing at build of google benchmark. I am attaching the log file here.
log.txt (6.1 KB)

I think following cmakeerror-text file might be helpful in finding the issue. Let me know if anyone has an idea on how to proceed.
CMakeError.txt (4.0 KB)

Hi Anjaly,

The problem is that cmake can’t find python. There could be two reasons for this.

1-) Conda is installed on the computer and the symbolic link of Conda is connected to python2 while installing the software. If that’s the case, you can deactivate conda with conda deactivate.

2-) Most likely this is the root of the problem. On macOS, your python symlink depends on python2 and your python3 symlink depends on python3. So you need to link the python symlink to python3, not python2. You can find how to solve this problem by google but I am sharing 3 links for you.

P.S. You can check your python with python --version and if it’s not python3, you have to convert it