O2 code installation and running

Typical commands to run simulations in O2:

  • Since few weeks, new commands to run simulations:
    o2-sim-serial -m MFT -n 1

For information, these commands (executables) can be found from the directory “sw/BUILD/O2-latest-dev/O2/bin”. To be checked after un “git pull --rebase” !

Hi Franck, Bogdan,

I’m trying to run a simulation of the MFT up to the reconstruction:

o2-sim-serial -m MFT -e TGeant3 -g fwmugen -n 10

o2-sim-digitizer-workflow -b

o2-mft-reco-workflow -b

However the reconstruction workflow of the last line fails with the following error:

[ERROR] error while setting up workflow: missing option: configKeyValues (No such node (configKeyValues))

There is no indication of possible options on the source. What needs to be specified here?


Same issue with an aliceo2 installed from scratch (with external aliBuild, not inside alidock).

The reco workflow tries to access a command line argument, as specified here:

// Update the (declared) parameters if changed from the command line

Probably @shahoian can comment more. I guess one can make this optional (by testing if the argument was given).

For now you can simply say

o2-mft-reco-workflow --configKeyValues ""

to go ahead.

I’m getting the same response even after adding the null character in the configKeyValues according to Sandro help.

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This is my fault: recently I’ve modified the mft reco workflow to allow skipping MC info and when copy-pasting from ITS I added parsing the configKeyValues option but missed to add its definition.
Will fix this now.


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