O2 compilation breaks in TOFDCSProcessor.cxx

Hi! I get a weird error in TOFDCSProcessor.cxx:

2022-02-03@00:46:10:DEBUG:O2Physics:O2:o2: /home/physics-tools/alicebuild/sw/../o2/tmp/ccuY3mW5.s: Assembler messages:
2022-02-03@00:46:10:DEBUG:O2Physics:O2:o2: /home/physics-tools/alicebuild/sw/../o2/tmp/ccuY3mW5.s:1017677: Error: invalid operands (.text._ZNSt8_Rb_treeIlSt4pairIKllESt10_Select1stIS2_ESt4lessIlESaIS2_EE29_M_get_insert_hint_unique_posESt23_Rb_tree_const_iteratorIS2_ERS1_ and *UND* sections) for `-'

more info O2 compilation error - CodiMD
Does anyone have any idea what is going on? This is on fedora35, gcc 11.2.1
Thank you!

Bug in GCC?

@eulisse I do not know, but even gcc-toolchain cannot be build (https://asevcenc.web.cern.ch/asevcenc/o2build/GCC-Toolchain_log.txt) because incompatibility with kernel > 5.12, see [PATCH] libsanitizer: Fix compile error with linux-5.12
Is there any reason for not using a newer gcc? (also given that we use our cmake anyway, maybe could be useful to use a latest version?)

yes, the reason is that the GPU code does not work with more recent versions ( or at least that was the case last time we checked).