O2 compilation fails on Core (error from fmt)

Dear experts,

I am trying to compile latest O2 version from Git. Compilation fails on different Framewrok/Core/src files (among which CommonDataProcessor.cxx, CCDBHelpers.cxx) with the following error

/local/home/mario/alice/O2/sw/slc8_x86-64/fmt/8.1.1-1/include/fmt/core.h:1725:7: error: static assertion failed: Cannot format an argument. To make type T formattable provide a formatter specialization: API Reference — fmt 8.1.1 documentation

You can find the whole log here CERNBox

Please note that I already updated both O2 and alidist to latest version as of now.

System information:
CentOS 8.5.2111
gcc version 10.2.0-alice2 (GCC-Toolchain)

Many thanks for any suggestion. Kind regards


Weird. I think:

might solve the issue, however it’s not clear to me why it happens only on your platform and not elsewhere.

Many thanks @eulisse for having a look at it. Unfortunately that single change didn’t solve the problem, since the very same error is present on other lines and other files. For your curiosity, the new log file can be found here CERNBox
I’ll try to redo everything from scratch, maybe even on a different system, and let you know if I manage to have a compiled version of O2.
Really many thanks again. My best regards

Did it work in the end? I am compiling on both mac and linux without any problems.

I apologize, I forgot to update this thread. I did manage to compile everything on two different physical Ubuntu systems (18.04 and 20.04) and on our local CentOS 7 virtual farm. Now that I have again a working environment I am going to wipe off the old installation on my CentOS 8 laptop and try again.

Dear @eulisse , just to close this topic, I confirm that I was able to successfully compile O2 on CentOS 8 after cleaning up the sw/ folder and updating both alidist and alibuild (though now the system was downloading the precompiled packages, while when I got the error the packages were locally recompiled).
In doing this I realized that my OS reached its End of Life, so I updated it to CentOS 8 Stream. Compilation was successful also in the new system, both with precompiled packages and with packages recompiled locally.
Many thanks and apologises for the spam. Cheers