O2 compile problem on Ubuntu

Dear Experts

I`m trying to compile O2 fresh form git (new installation).
Unfortunately the compilation breaks at O2.
My OS is Ubuntu 18 LTS. The output log is attached to the thread.log.log (390.4 KB)

Hi Jacek,

I’m not a real expert, but are you sure that you are building it fresh from git?
I see in the log that your O2 commit hash is: fe2ad8204458fd79ae705a750cfd76526315e66a
But there is no such commit on our github. Are you sure that you don’t have some local non-merged commits? If that’s the case you can fix it in the following way (but be warned that running the commands below will delete any local changes that you may have done in O2 and restore your local history to that from our github)

cd $ALIBUILD_WORK_DIR/…/alidist && git fetch --all && git reset --hard origin/master
cd $ALIBUILD_WORK_DIR/…/O2 && git fetch --all && git reset --hard origin/dev

And then rebuild. I hope that helps.


Thanks for the tip, I ended up using docker with a OS snapshot, after that I installed all of the ali software, worked like a charm… for now.