O2 entering error: Python and GEAN4 not found

I have just yesterday updated and built O2, AliPhysics and AliRoot from scrach. I am using alidocker for the installation. The installation is succesfull, but when I am entering O2 environment, I have ~100 error messages like:
Python(6):ERROR:105: Unable to locate a modulefile for ‘Python/v3.6.10-114’
GEANT4(6):ERROR:105: Unable to locate a modulefile for ‘GEANT4/v10.7.1-7’
The environment still loads, but without Python or GEANT4. I also did a test run of o2-sim succesfully, so the essential parts for me are still working.

Also I tried entering AliPhysics with ROOT6, and I got a bit different messages (also quite many):
Python/v3.6.10-1(20):ERROR:102: Tcl command execution failed: if { [module-info mode load] } {
setenv SSL_CERT_FILE [exec $PKG_ROOT/bin/python3 -c “import certifi; print(certifi.where())”]

I have build AliPhysics, AliRoot and O2 with the following options:
aliBuild build AliPhysics --disable DPMJET --defaults user-next-root6 -z aliroot6 -j10
aliBuild build O2 --defaults o2 --disable FLUKA --disable FLUKA_VMC -z onoff -j4
aliBuild build AliRoot --disable DPMJET --defaults o2 -z alirootO2 -j10

Oskari Saarimäki