O2 Installation package building error

Dear all,

I am trying to install the O2 software on my Linux machine. While building packages via alibuild I get an building error on this package [GSL@v1.16]. After that I used the command AliDoctor I get this warning about GSL package:
WARNING: GSL: :1:10: fatal error: gsl/gsl_version.h: No such file or directory
WARNING: GSL: compilation terminated.

My question is how to avoid this error and I am sure there will be other errors in other packages.
I couldn’t also find the log file via /u/zmomtaz/alice/sw/BUILD/GSL-latest/log.


Best regards.


you need to install the -devel / -dev package for gsl if you want to have the headers.

I should have this package because I have the gcc or is it not enough?

You probably need to install the -devel / -dev package for GSL. Notice this is not strictly required.