O2 installation Ubuntu 20.04

Dear experts,
I’m trying to install O2 on Ubuntu 20.04. However, the installation has errors:

$ aliBuild build O2 --defaults o2

==> Building ofi@v1.7.1
==> ofi is being built (use --debug for full output): failed
ERROR: Error while executing /home/lgp/alice/sw/SPECS/ubuntu2004_x86-64/ofi/v1.7.1-local1/build.sh on `lgp-ZenBook-13-UX331FAL-UX331FAL’.
ERROR: Log can be found in /home/lgp/alice/sw/BUILD/ofi-latest/log
ERROR: Please upload it to CERNBox/Dropbox if you intend to request support.
ERROR: Build directory is /home/lgp/alice/sw/BUILD/ofi-latest/ofi.

log file:

++ rsync -a ‘–exclude=**/.git’ --delete --delete-excluded /home/lgp/alice/sw/SOURCES/ofi/v1.7.1/v1.7.1/ ./
++ autoreconf -ivf
autoreconf: Entering directory `.’
autoreconf: configure.ac: not using Gettext
autoreconf: running: aclocal --force -I config
autoreconf: configure.ac: tracing
autoreconf: running: libtoolize --copy --force
libtoolize: putting auxiliary files in AC_CONFIG_AUX_DIR, ‘config’.
libtoolize: copying file ‘config/ltmain.sh’
libtoolize: error: AC_CONFIG_MACRO_DIRS([config]) conflicts with ACLOCAL_AMFLAGS=-I config .
autoreconf: libtoolize failed with exit status: 1

Could you help me to solve the problem?



ofi: always try to use our own autotools by ktf · Pull Request #3101 · alisw/alidist · GitHub should fix the issue.

Dear Giulio,
Thanks for the answer. However, I redid the install from “zero” and the exact same error happened. The new log file is identical to the previous one, reported above.
Do you have any other suggestions?

Do you still have the issue?