"O2/latest-dev-o2 was not found" - Linux Mint 21 (ubuntu 22.04)

Hello, experts,

I’m trying to install O2 on linux mint 21. Using the command

aliBuild build O2 --defaults o2 -a ubuntu2204_x86-64

I was able to procced with the building, but I cannot enter the evironment.

alienv q

only “VO_ALICE@BASE::1.0” appears.
Previously I’ve tried to build with

aliBuild build O2 -a ubuntu2204_x86-64

and the “alienv q” list was longer, but it didn’t show O2 either.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Hi @Lucas-NL,

You’ll have to give the same -a option to alienv that you gave to aliBuild. Else alienv won’t find the stuff that aliBuild just built.

So, in your case, try alienv -a ubuntu2204_x86-64 q and alienv -a ubuntu2204_x86-64 enter O2/latest-dev-o2.

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Hi @twilken,

Silly me. It worked like a charm!

Thanks so much for your help!