O2 workflow condition-remapping not working as expected

Hello experts,

I recently wanted to check some calibration for the TRD since this is still in testing we are uploading everything to test-ccdb.
Now in my workflow, I use the --condition-remap option for the o2-trd-tracklet-transformer workflow.
However in combination with other workflows (e.g. pipelining) this does not work and continues accessing the alice-ccdb.

Here is a minimal not working workflow:

o2-ctf-reader-workflow --ctf-input data.txt --max-tf 1 --copy-cmd no-copy --onlyDet TRD --loop 0 | \
o2-trd-tracklet-transformer --condition-remap http://ccdb-test.cern.ch:8080=TRD/Calib/CalVdriftExB --disable-root-input --disable-mc | \
o2-dpl-run -b --run

I have to move the condition-remapping to ctf-reader

o2-ctf-reader-workflow --ctf-input data.txt --max-tf 1 --copy-cmd no-copy --onlyDet TRD --loop 0 --condition-remap http://ccdb-test.cern.ch:8080=TRD/Calib/CalVdriftExB | \
o2-trd-tracklet-transformer --disable-root-input --disable-mc | \
o2-dpl-run -b --run

Is this expected behaviour?
Seems rather unintuitive.

At the moment all --condition… options must be provided in the 1st workflow using CCDB fetcher, in your example this should be the ctf reader, which loads dictionaries from CCDB.

would it make sense to add this information to CCDB_intro - Google Präsentationen ?
The semantics seem to be decided now, right?

Done: CCDB_intro - Google Präsentationen, but we hope eventually to change this.