OCCPlugin git issue (when building QualityControl)

Dear expert,

I’m trying to install QualityControl using the master branch of alidist and the build stops immediately with:

==> Updating repositories: done  

2024-03-18@09:26:24:ERROR:QualityControl:Control-OCCPlugin:0: Error during git clone for reference repo for Control-OCCPlugin.

By rolling back alidist to a tag of few days ago, it goes through this git issue.
Could there be some problem with recent changes?

Thank you.

Let me tag @teo . Thank, cheers.

I don’t think there are recent changes that could cause this, at least not in OCC which hasn’t had commits since November 2023. Since it’s a git clone issue, I can only guess it could be with aliDist or with the build machine in question.