Parallel usage of multiple json files

Dear QC-Experts,

I have a question concerning the usage of several json files where each json configures a different task.
Is there any possibility to use such json files at once as input, so that all the tasks are executed in parallel in the workflow?

For example one could have two json files, one configures the workflow for the TPC tracks task, while the other json configures as post-processing the trending of some quantities of the tracks task. Then I want to use both jsons in parallel, such that I can execute both tasks with one call.

Another example would be that I have two jsons where one configures the tracks and and the other the PID task for the TPC. Then, in one call, I start both of these tasks in parallel, i.e. in parallel both jsons are used as an input.

Is such a feature already implemented, and if yes, what exactly do I have to configure to use it? If it doesn’t exist yet, is something like that foreseen to be implemented?

Thanks a lot in advance!


are you aware that you can declare several tasks within the same configuration file? For example, it is done here:
A mix of standard QC tasks and Post-processing tasks should be also possible.
If needed, you should be able to enable and disable them with the “active” option (true/false).
Cheers, Piotr

Hi Piotr,

yes, I’m aware of that.
However, I wanted to avoid doing that, because in the end we would then have one massive json for all of the TPC tasks.
So it seems there is no other solution at the moment, is that correct?


No, I don’t think there is. You could perhaps use jq to merge two json files into one and then provide it to QC.
Otherwise, I would say that a json containing 22 tasks (I see 22 in the spreadsheet for TPC) would not make a massive file, but maybe I am just used to see much larger ones :wink:


Piotr has proposed a solution or at least a workaround.
I propose to create a ticket for this feature request that seems legitimate to me but not urgent.
Here it is :