Passing values for basic cuts

Dear all,

We are currently working on a separate class to apply some basics cuts on the tracks in the TPC, and we came to the question about how to pass the values for each criterion.

As basic selection can be interesting for all detectors, we would like to know if something like that is already feasible in the current framework or foreseen in a future update?

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@shahoian, do you perhaps know if a general cut class for TPC and/or combined tracks already exists? If not, what would be and appropriate place to put it?

Hi @wiechula
For the TPC/ITS matching I am using this configurable param, which eventually should have CCDB interface.
For the TPC David uses this:

Eventually, all should be downloaded from CCDB.


Hello @wiechula,

For analysis @mkruger developed a class for analysis, in case this is helpful.



@zampolli, @shahoian, thanks a lot for the feedback!