Passive detector element in O2

Dear all,

I am trying to implement a passive converter in the Forward Conversion Tracker (FCT) detector I am coding/building for ALICE 3 in O2.
I should be a sheet of lead to be placed before the FCT to increase the photon conversion probability.
The volume will be created with TGeoTube and the material will be set by o2::base::Detector::Material()

When one makes a sensitive volume, this volume is added to the mother volume (top volume?) as well as defined as a sensitive volume, or rather added as a sensitive volume with “AddSensitiveVolume()” from I believe FairVolume.h

How does one add a passive detector element without making it a sensitive volume?

P.s. I might have gotten some things wrong in this message, but this is my current understanding of things. I encourage you to correct me if I am wrong :slight_smile:

Assuming you want to add a piece of passive material inside a detector also having sensitive regions, you would just add the new volume into the geometry of the detector. This is done inside the “ConstructGeometry” hook of FairDetector. The material will be passive by default. No extra work needed.