Problem in running the D* workflow in O2 Analysis

Dear experts,

I am trying to run the D* tasks in O2 Analysis, by following this workflow
• o2-analysis-timestamp
• o2-analysis-bc-converter
• o2-analysis-track-propagation
• o2-analysis-event-selection
• o2-analysis-trackselection
• o2-analysis-track-to-collision-associator
• o2-analysis-hf-track-index-skim-creator
• o2-analysis-tracks-extra-converter
• o2-analysis-pid-tpc-full
• o2-analysis-pid-tpc-base
• o2-analysis-pid-tof-full
• o2-analysis-pid-tof-base
• o2-analysis-hf-candidate-creator-dstar
• o2-analysis-hf-candidate-selector-dstar-to-d0-pi
• o2-analysis-hf-task-dstar-to-d0-pi

But, the histograms under hf-candidate-creator-dstar and hf-task-dstar-to-d0-pi are always coming out to be empty, with zero entries, which is not the case for hf-track-index-skim-creator. Moreover, I am not getting any histograms created for hf-candidate-selector-dstar-to-d0-pi. What could be the reason? I am running them using LHC22m AO2D.root, downloaded from The AnalysisResults.root file is attached below. Any help would be highly appreciated.


AnalysisResults.root (101.0 KB)