Problems building O2Physics with mac - fastjet error (related CGAL)

Dear experts,

I struggle to build the O2Physics software on my local machine with M2 chip.(Sonoma14.0 & Xcode 14.3)

The error is fastjet.

When i use " aliBuild build O2Physics --default o2 --debug " , In the log, It says :

2023-11-09@23:08:08:DEBUG:O2Physics:fastjet:0: checking for CGAL/Exact_predicates_inexact_constructions_kernel.h… no

2023-11-09@23:08:08:DEBUG:O2Physics:fastjet:0: checking CGAL… no

2023-11-09@23:08:08:DEBUG:O2Physics:fastjet:0: configure: error: CGAL explicitly requested and not found or not functional

The complete error log can be accessed here :

I would greatly appreciate any guidance or solutions you could provide to resolve this issue.

Thank you for your time and assistance. !!