Problems with digitization (


I want to run the ‘’ located in ~/alice/O2/prodtests/ but there seem to be critical errors in the digitization step. The event generation etc. works fine and I have this same issue on two different computers both running a fresh install of O2 on Ubuntu 20.04.5 LTS.

I uploaded console output and the ‘digi.log’ containing the errors to CernBox:

What can be done to fix this problem? I want to be able to generate AOD files but the script fails at the digitization step. I have also noticed that the ‘’ fails because AEGIS_ROOT is not set and even if it set it, it will fail because I have not put my grid certficate. So my second question is : When I just want to run sim & reconstruction locally on my machine using the script, is a grid certificate required?

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Yes, we require a GRID certificate. (The error message in digi.log goes into this direction).

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Thanks for your reply. After requesting and receiving vo membership I can now successfully run the on my machine without any issues.
I have one last question concerning this: Is the grid token required to just download up-to-date configurations of different detectors but all computation happens locally on my machine? Or does all computation happen on the grid and my machine is just waiting for results while running the

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All computation happens locally. The token is required to download condition data.

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