Publishing other objects than TObject to QCG

Dear experts,

is it possible to publish other objects than TObjects to the QCG with the getObjectsManager()->startPublishing() function or is there another function to do so?

We need to publish o2::tpc::CalDet<float> objects but it does not work. Is there a way to do that at the moment or can you implement that?

Thanks and cheers,

Dear Thomas,

This is something we want to have but we don’t have it yet.
I have created an issue to follow it up :
We won’t be working on it before August though.
What you could do is simply create a dump class inheriting from TObject and encapsulating your object. You need a dictionary for CalDet and the encapsulating class so that we can stream it.

Hopefully, if you implement the Draw() method it should be displayable by JSROOT within QCG.


Hi Barth,

thanks a lot for the info, I’ll try that.