Python-modules are not built on MacOS

Dear all,

I tried to build O2Physics, but I got stuck in “Python-modules@1.0”.
(Macbook Air M2 13", MacOS Monterey 12.7.2, Xcode 14.2)
Below is the output log.

++ ‘[’ -n ‘’ ‘]’
++ PYTHON_MODULES_INSTALLROOT=/Users/yoonha/alice/sw/INSTALLROOT/f598a597ed77305643fac04a90931445f57e6fcb/osx_arm64/Python-modules/1.0-local1/share/python-modules
++ case $ARCHITECTURE in
++ curl -fsSLo
dyld[12684]: missing symbol called
/Users/yoonha/alice/sw/SPECS/osx_arm64/Python-modules/1.0-local1/ line 14: 12684 Abort trap: 6 curl -fsSLo ‘

log file

If anyone has solved a similar problem, I would appreciate your help.
Best regards,

Hi @yoonha, that looks like it may be an openssl-related problem.

What exact aliBuild command do you use to build?

What openssl versions do you have installed? Try brew search openssl and see what has a green tick mark.

Do you have any virtualenv/conda/miniconda/etc installation outside of aliBuild?