QC GUI is down

It looks like the QC GUI is currently down https://qcg-test.cern.ch

I get an error of 504 Gateway Time-out. Can anyone fix it quickly? Thank you very much

I have restarted it.
@awegrzyn you might want to have a look. Or maybe George ?

Done ! I need to investigate what happened, there were no logs indicating any failure.

Down again!!! @awegrzyn

Not sure why it’s failing, it hasn’t been changed for weeks. I’m spying the logs now.

Hi @awegrzyn

It looks like when I add more plots t my layouts, it goes down. I think there maybe some problem when I do this? Thank you very much!

So the error I get is: “fatal error: malformed or corrupted AST file: 'submodule ID out of range in AST file”. I suspect it may come from ROOT.
Anyway the process should not die because of that, I’ll add a protection.

@awegrzyn It look like the GUI is still down when I click on one of my layouts. Can you check again why this happens? It also looks like that when I exit the GUI and reenter twice, it will be back up. This seems quite strange to me.

Can you restart the GUI? Sorry!

Could you explain me at which point it dies? I can’t reproduce it.

When I click on my layouts it dies. I guess the size of my plots are too large (~100MB each for ~30 plots). Can you restart the GUI again? Thank you! @awegrzyn

Okay, I’ll try to fix it this afternoon. In general systemd should restart the process after a while by itself.

Thanks so much

Hi @awegrzyn, I started my own GUI. When I add more than 5 plots of size 80KB, I got the following error messages:

*** Error in node': free(): invalid pointer: 0x00007fe49bdaecc8 *** *** Error innode’: corrupted size vs. prev_size: 0x00007fe47803a260 ***

*** Break *** segmentation violation

*** Break *** segmentation violation

*** Break *** segmentation violation

Do you know what is going on? Thank you very much!

Yes, there’s already JIRA ticket created concerning that: OGUI-291

Can you check why this happens? I have no idea why.

Hi @awegrzyn, I found the bugs. So after 3 times of publishing my updated plots to a certain layout, the GUI is down. Do you know why this happens? Thank you!

Hi @szhaozho,

I know that you don’t mean to bother Adam, at the same time pushing him every hour is not going to make him work faster or motivate him further. Adam is very responsive and already working on this issue as he expressed above. This bug can be discussed in the bug report he opened here : https://alice.its.cern.ch/jira/browse/OGUI-291


Hi @bvonhall ,

Sorry about that. I think I have sent too many messages to push him all the time.

Zhaozhong Shi

Hi Barth,

Sorry but it appears that I do not have the permission to view the but report here https://alice.its.cern.ch/jira/browse/OGUI-291

Thank you!

Zhaozhong Shi