Qc pics in logbook

Dear @bvonhall @pkonopka

I’m sure there are plans to include pictures from qc to logbook automatically. Do you have time estimate when it will be possible? Or maybe such possibility already exists?


Dear Sergey,

Yes, as you said this is in the pipeline.
Currently the backlog is full with other higher priority items, so the best estimate I can give you is “sometime in 2022”.

Thank you for your patience.

Dear Vasco,

thank you for your promt reply.
My question appeared during pilot beam where many many things to be kept in mind and archived properly. Hopefully it is not months-long period but just couple of nights :sweat_smile:
Looking forward to see this qc-logbook integration before first pp physics runs.

Cheers, regards,

One thing to keep in mind is that the objects in the QCDB are not all deleted like it was in Run 1 and Run 2. The necessity for having a “summary picture” in the logbook came from the fact that objects were all deleted after 14 days.

The QC system is different and you should be able to find back your objects in the QCDB via the QCG any time. Not all verisons of course but some versions.