QCG Feature request

Dear all,

I would have a couple of feature requests for QCG, both related to the way 2D histograms are displayed:

  • would it be possible to add an option that hides the stat panels? When displayed on top of 2D histograms, they often hide some useful portions of the histogram…
  • would it be possible to add an option to set the minimum and maximum values for the z axis (equivalent to TH2F::SetMinimum() and TH2F::SetMaximum())? In some cases, and particularly when drawing with colz, it is important to have a consistent color coding among different histograms, which is only possible when the minimum and maximum values are fixed.


Hi Andrea,

  1. There should be an option. When editing a layout, select a plot and there are options available on the left panel, in particular a checkbox labelled “stat”. This being said, it seems to be broken. I have created an issue in JIRA.
  2. I will let @awegrzyn and @graduta comment.