QCG layout does not preserve object arrangement

Dear Experts,
I noticed that layouts in qcg with number of columns larger than 3 does not preserve arrangement which I set.
For instance I try to set regular 3x4 grid as follows:

but when I save the layout, move to another tab and come back I always see such default arrangement:


I do not observe this for 3-column layout.

Hi @sbysiak ,

Thank you for raising the issue!

I created a ticket where you will be able to follow the progress. I will try to get on it as soon as possible

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Hi @graduta,

I wanted to comment that I observe the exactly same issue.

Plus if I have a layout with multiple pages of size 4x4 in Firefox (no such problem in Chrome), the qcg gets stuck after loading 2-3 pages and it does not load new histograms any more (is stuck on text “loading”). As Firefox is the default browser on linux machines it might be good to solve this issue. Should this be a separate Jira ticket or can it be joined with this one?



Hi, @therman ,

Would you be able to provide a link with a layout with the described issue? (Chrome vs Firefox)

Thank you,

Yes, here is such example: https://qcg-test.cern.ch/?page=layoutShow&layoutId=60632a88d17a6c080040d223&layoutName=MFT%20Readout%20QC

When going between the Disks I quickly get to a point where the histograms do not load.

Hi @therman ,

I had a look at your issue and created a ticket accordingly.
The error comes from JSROOT dependency ZSTD, thus I will contact the team and see what solution they will provide.
The progress can be followed here: https://alice.its.cern.ch/jira/browse/OGUI-853

Thank you,

Thank you for looking into this.


Dear George, dear all,

I would like to report, that we observe a similar issue now also in a layout with only 3 columns, see here:

The issue is on the 3rd tab “TpcTracks”. Interestinly, the layout is saved correctly (this is a bit different from what was reported above), but if you click on this tab, then on one of the other tabs, and finally back on this one, the plots are re-arranged in this same strange way, putting the last plot of the second row in a new row. Reloading the page solves it, but still it is a bit annoying.

Thanks for any update/help!