QCG Layouts: Histogram appearence

Dear experts,

I was testing around with the layouts on the qcg-test page and noticed that there are very few options that one can set for histograms. E.g. logz is missing among many others. One can in principle set all options by right clicking on the histogram itself but those settings are not saved. Only the ones appearing on the left panel after clicking on a histogram are saved.

Also the arrangement of the histograms in the layout is not saved unfortunately.

Is there a plan to add more options? The choice of available options at the moment looks a bit random to me. Also it seems to me that the stat option still does not work. I saw there is a Jira ticket which is closed but the bug is still there imho.

I guess @bvonhall is the expert here.

Thanks a lot for your help!

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Hi @tklemenz,

Thank you for your feedback. I will try to answer some of the points that you raised and will extract some for @bvonhall

  1. Indeed you observed correctly. Only options set in the left panel are saved in QCG. Regarding the current selection and the need of new ones such as “logz” could you please think of set of options that are missing and you find useful? We will then be able to have a look on them and try to accommodate.

  2. Regarding the arrangement of the layout not being saved. Could you tell me the name of the layout? I just tested myself changing the arrangement and objects sizes in a layout and it is working with no issues.

  3. Regarding the stat option, indeed that one is still a little bit tricky. We are in talks with the JSROOT team as the latest version includes some changes that might affect it. An improved version will be released in the next QCG 1.6.4

  4. When a JIRA Ticket is closed it should also have a fix version field which specifies the version of QCG that addresses the issue. In this case if you are referring to ticket [OGUI-272] this one is in the process of being released and will come with qcg version 1.6.4

Please let me know if there is anything else regarding QCG that I might help with.

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Hi @graduta,

thanks for your reply.

  1. We will have to think about a complete list of options that will be needed and come back to you later but for now “logz” is the most important one. It would also be good if one could change the color palette.

  2. I am testing with the “PIDtest” layout. On the main tab I would like to have 2 histograms in the first column and 2 in the second but it only stores them in 3 - 1 as you see it when you click on the layout. It seems like the three spots per column are filled automatically. The order and size in fact is saved.

  3. and 4. Thanks for the info, I did not notice this.


Reply for:

  1. We will try to see if we can accommodate “logz” for the current release (1.6.4). Regarding the color palette I will add that to the backlog and discuss with @bvonhall.
  2. If I understood correctly you would like a representation of 2x2 in your layout?
    I duplicated your layout (PIDtest-George) and simply dragged the object(from the white margin of the object) under the one on the second column and now it is in a 2x2 representation and not only 3x1. Is this what you are looking for?
    The space is indeed filled automatically but by drag&drop you can simply rearrange them

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  1. Thanks a lot!
  2. Yes, the dragging of the object works but this arrangement is not saved. After re-opening it is a 3x1 representation again. Also your copied layout is still 3x1 when I click it.


You are indeed correct. Even though it appeared as saved in a 2x2 format after page refresh the page is automatically filled to a 3x1.

Thank you for raising this. I will create a JIRA ticket for this and add you as a watcher. In the mean time in order to achieve the 2x2 layout, I would suggest creating one of the object as a size 1x1 and the one next to it 2x1. This will give you the 2x2 format for the moment until the fix will be released.

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I am back and I see that George has handled all the requests. The bugs will be followed up in JIRA. When you determine that some drawing options are missing, please let us know (per instance in JIRA or here). I will mark this thread as solved.