QualityControl build error: DebugGUI and ReadoutCard

I was trying to build QualityControl (following QuickStart) on Ubuntu 18.04. I updated both O2 and alidist directories. At first, the build crashed at ReadoutCard (see log log_ReadoutCard.txt (3.0 KB) here). After trying several times, it started to crash at DebugGUI (log_DebugGUI.txt (41.9 KB)). I have noticed there were some changes in debuggui.sh earlier today which might have caused the DebugGUI problem, anyways I have not found any relevant help to the problem with ReadoutCard. Does anyone have any insight on what might cause this?
Thanks a lot,

Can you try with:

Thanks a lot, this indeed helped with the DebugGUI problem.
I am still stuck at ReadoutCard error now.

@kalexopo any idea ?


It’s not something I’ve seen before, it looks like an issue with the boost_python configuration file. However, related issues arise when omitting the o2-dataflow defaults.

@dkrupova, just to be sure, did you trigger the build like this?
aliBuild build --defaults=o2-dataflow ReadoutCard


when I try to trigger the build the way you suggested, I get exactly the same error as before (in the log file attached).

Ticket here https://alice.its.cern.ch/jira/browse/ORC-357.

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