Readout.exe split output per link

Dear all,
I would like to run readout.exe splitting the output per link.
AFAIU from the doc, it should be enough to enable the file recorder with option:

However, if I run this, I get the output file:

Notice that if I use:
I correctly get an output filename with the current date in the file name.

Is there something else that I need to add in the config file for the %l syntax to work?

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P.S. I’m working with FLP suite 0.11 (ReadoutCard/v0.25.1-3, Readout/v1.4.7.2-4) and CRU 3.9.1

Yes, you need to set rdhUseFirstInPageEnabled=1 for each equipment so that the link ID is extracted from RDH at runtime. Otherwise, the link id in the header is not set and you get “undefined”.


Hi @sy-c,
thanks a lot for the hint: I’ve just tried it and it works.


Hi again @sy-c,
I’m now trying to run with a system equipped with 2 CRUs.
I therefore thought that I might include the equipment ID in the filename, so that I’m able to separate the different outputs.
I do it with readout_file_%i_%l.raw but %i gets replaced with undefined.
So the question is: what is exactly the equipment ID?
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