Rebuild only ROOT@v6-26-04-patches-alice1

Good morning,
due to limited storage on my laptop I suspect that the build of ROOT@v6-26-04-patches-alice1 didn’t go properly. I keep receiving from the build of different modules of O2 the following error: input_line_3:1:10: fatal error: RtypesCore.h file not found include "RtypesCore.h", now three modules keep sending out this feedback. I suspect that something went when trying to build ROOT@v6-26-04-patches-alice1. Is it possible to force the rebuild of this package? Thanks in advance, and sorry for the extra trouble from my side.

Hi @siragoni, try the following to delete the partial ROOT build:

rm -rf sw/SOURCES/ROOT sw/BUILD/ROOT-latest* \
   sw/*_*/ROOT/v6-26-04-patches-alice1-* \
aliBuild clean

And then re-run the failing aliBuild build command.

Many thanks for the advice. It seems that rm sw/osx_x86-64/ROOT/v6-26-04-patches-alice1-local2 worked, and the successive builds which were behaving weirdly are now proceeding properly.

I am having some fun updating O2 for the tutorial tomorrow, and I already have two nice experiences with this one and a previous llvm@13 issue, which required to install it from brew and append the path to the profile…

Thanks for all the help, and I hope this one was the last problem I will face for O2 today…