Recommend method to access CCDB

Hi expert,

I have a question about CCDB interface.
I checked O2/CCDB and O2/Calibration directory and the following is my understanding.

Storing CCDB:
The recommended method to store some data into CCDB is using o2-ccdb-populator-workflow --ccdb-path=“http://localhost:8080” -b.
The below line should be written in CalibrationSpec, for example, the following is MFT NoiseMap case.
(1) o2::ccdb::CcdbObjectinfo info(“MFT/Noise”,“NoiseMap”,“noise.root”)
(2) auto image = o2::ccdb::CcdbApi::createObjectImage(&payload, &info);
The image is put as OutputSpec in CalibrationSpec. Then, the CcdbPopulatorSpec receives the image via OutputSpec and stores noise.root file into CCDB MFT/Noise directory.

Getting CCDB:
I am checking the method.

Is the above my understanding correct?
Thanks for your help.