Role of o2-dcs-proxy in DCS processor

Hi experts,

I have a question about o2-dcs-proxy workflow.
As far as I understand, the workflow is always necessary to access DCS server from O2 environment.
So, the workflow has to be used when DPs are extracted and stored in CCDB.
Is the understanding correct?
For the moment, the test of storing DPs in CCDB uses “dummy” DPs that are generated in O2 environment, for example,
o2-condition-mft-dcs-sim-workflow | o2-condition-mft-dcs-workflow | o2-calibration-ccdb-populator-workflow, where o2-condition-mft-dcs-sim-workflow is generator of dummy DPs, and o2-condition-mft-dcs-workflow packs the DPs into CCDB object.
In the test case, every step is done in O2 environment, so we didn’t have to put o2-dcs-proxy.
In near future, a realistic test is scheduled with DCS server.
When the test with the realistic environment, I think we have to put o2-dcs-proxy workflow like the following.
o2-dcs-proxy | o2-condition-mft-dcs-workflow | o2-calibration-ccdb-populator-workflow.
Is the understanding correct?