Root6 dictionaries and functions in namespaces

(this is not really O2 related, hope that’s ok still…)

I have a program, aaf-stage-and-filter, in PWG/muondep/aaf that is used to read Root data from the grid and filter it on-the-fly. It is used for instance in the SAF (Subatech Analysis Facility), e.g. to extract muon-only information from raw data, or from ESDs).

That program is working fine with Root5 builds, but with Root6 builds I get :

aaf-stage-and-filter --from alien:///alice/data/2015/LHC15o/000246087/pass1/15000246087036.1907/AliESDs.root --to toto.root --filter COMPACTESDMUON
Error in TClass::LoadClassInfo: no interpreter information for class AAF is available even though it has a TClass initialization routine.
I don’t know this function : AAF::FILTER_COMPACTESDMUON

I’ve tried to tweak the LinkDef, but honestly I don"t understand what the root of the problem is (pun intended), so I’m shooting a bit in the dark (not completely, as I tried to use the doc but we no luck). Could someone enlighten me ?