Run CMake failed: feature_summary() Error: REQUIRED package(s) are missing

Hello! I have a problem with cmake running after building with alibuild. Rebuilding of O2 with “–defaults o2 O2” did not help me. What can I do else? Help me please!
Ubuntu 18.04, CMake-3.18, building is based on root 6.
O2 dev.
I strictly followed all the build instructions and I don’t understand what the problem with cmake is, given that everything was built successfully?

– The following REQUIRED packages have not been found:

  • Vc
  • fmt
  • Boost (required version >= 1.70)
  • FairLogger
  • FairRoot
  • ms_gsl
    Mainly for its span
  • FairMQ
  • protobuf
    For CCDB API
  • InfoLogger
  • Configuration
  • Monitoring
  • Common
  • RapidJSON
  • LibUV